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Freedom of the Ferals

Life of a young traveler!

Hello! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, It’s finally here,(drum roll please.) drrrrrrrrrrrrr part 2 of my blog!! But this time, I’ve thought of something new, I’ve thought of something freshhhh, and do you know what it is? Doing this whole blog about the 30 comment’s on my blog! huh? yeah? nah! just kidding! It’s about my life of traveling! Anyway, on with the blog! If that’s okay with you & you & you & you & you?

The last visit at Seattle before we set off for Canada we went to a place called Pike Place Market and boy was it buuuuusy!  There was a lot of seafood market’s and it stunk!

On to Canada… In Port Alice, we went to Telegraph Cove to go whale watching!! We saw humpback’s, Orca’s (killer whale’s), Seals, Steller Sealion’s, Dolphin’s, Jellyfish,we even saw a baby Deer on the bank of a small island!!!

Rory & Dad Whale Watch

We went to a fairy tale park called Enchanted Forest. It was amazing! We went on a boat ride down a lake and it was beautiful!


At Salmon Arm we lived at another farm with 2 dog’s. Out in the garden I freaked out about the wasp’s but then it happened, the return of the wasp. OOOOOOOW!!!! I was done in again and stung for a second time!!!

We stayed at another farm at Harrogate with 3 cat’s their house was lovely. We went to radium hot spring’s, and it was nice and warm!

Now we are in Calgary and the best part is that………….NO MORE LONG ROAD TRIP’S!!! Oh and an awesome play room!!! Okay so this was a short one, but! Part 3 is going to be L O N G! see ya!

Play Room Calgary




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