It’s finally happening!

So it is time. 

The house has been sold, possessions donated/thrown, loose ends tied up. Almost all accommodation and flights booked and paid for, for the coming 4 months. We are doing it!

Let me jump back to last year when we were totally out of our depth juggling Home edding, husband working full time up town, a big house to keep, commitments of every kind. We were swamped. Fed up, why do we as humans feel the need to keep getting bigger and better things?

Why do we NEED a bigger house? MORE trinkets? BETTER furniture? Well lets be honest, we don’t. I feel we are under a lot of pressure to keep up with the Jones’ just in case we don’t look like we are progressing in life. We did that. We bought a bigger house, we bought furniture had ‘parties’ got gadgets, and it was not satisfying.


We have very little possessions. 2 suitcases and 5 backpacks to travel the world for the next year. I CAN’T believe we are doing it! Yes we leave in the morning, the ferals are beyond excited, backpacks packed with their essentials, you know, tablets, Game consoles, pencils, you get the gist. The important things kids need!

Backpacks are go!


Us we have a few books, paperwork, painkillers and a whole lot of enthusiasm. A lot of people say we are brave, mad, but I just don’t see it as that. For us we didn’t like the situation we was in and changed it. We didn’t do it alone, with help from family on the way we have managed it.

We start our world adventure in California, Visiting family. We can’t wait to see the sights, hang out with locals and try different foods.

This is it. We are doing this!


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