California living

Our first almost week in California.

We made it.

The flyer journey up to Gatwick was a breeze and totally uneventful. As was check in and the 11 hour flight into LAX. The Ferals were amazing for their first proper flight they watched films, played a million games and slept a little. It was unbelievably easy, and we had comments from passengers as to how well-behaved they were. WOW!

Then we get to immigration. OH MY. Mike hadn’t slept at all for almost 24 hours and Id snatched an hour in stints. We figured out how the passport scanner thing worked and trundled into a queue that was so long. We got ushered into a different line due to having young kids looking at the suckers we left behind. Ha the benefits of kids!


We hand our passports and ‘ESTA” to this guy who looked like ‘The Rock’ but skinnier. Well he did his job well. He was intimidating, having three tired,restless Ferals, little to no sleep, this guy interrogated us good! Mike didn’t quite hear him properly and asked him to repeat his question. That was it, he was not happy! He questioned our intentions in the country, and took Mike asking him to repeat his question as ‘attitude’, and me saying nothing as not helpful, He sat there for 5 minutes tapping our passports on the desk contemplating whether we were allowed in the country. For what seemed like forever he finally let us take our finger prints and let us go!!!!!!

Intense or what! I get it. Its his job, but was that much interrogating necessary with 3 kids in tow.

However after that exchange we have never met friendlier people! We went back to families house after picking up the hire car, and was greeted with amazing hospitality. We are embracing spiritual life in San Juan Capistrano, Visiting Dana point, which is beautiful, and experienced our first dip in the pacific Ocean.


My personal highlight ‘Sprouts’ OMG, everything is organic. (that’s the sad realty people. I like my organic food and chemical free products). We have been to San Juan, which is a beautiful little town. Driven through San Clemente, and had a garden party with family, with amazing Vegetarian food prepared by Madhavi aswell as a slip ‘n’ Slide to entertain the kids and certain adults.

We are staying in an AirBnB which is perfect, reasonably priced, clean and in a gated community in Capistrano. We paddled in  Laguna beach which is beautiful and we will be going back as our trip was cut short with Feral2 having an excruciating stomach pain, the following morning he woke with a croupy cough so he is a little under the weather. We ended that day with a cool evening of fire pit on Capo beach were 15 Great Whites are unusually hanging out, and lots of S’mores!

Capo BEachshark

Visiting Hollywood was interesting, the Star walk is cool and the mall next to it is a good sight to ‘see’ the Hollywood sign without having to traipse up to it, but don’t be fooled its a lot of work with 3 ferals, for their age group it’s also a little boring. They much preferred going to Venice Beach with playgrounds and Muscle beach. Lots of interesting shops and people! As well as a hilarious moment of seeing Pierce Brosnan, with Mike shooting him the Peace sign and him retaliating just in a cooler way. The only downfall being traffic.

Since being here we have not eaten meat and are embracing a vegetarian lifestyle as well as more spiritual one. An amazing place to eat was ‘The Veggie Grill’ and ‘The Vegan Joint’ in L.A the food is amazing! We are learning a lot about ourselves and the way we want our lives and relationships to be.

A special thanks to Sadbuja Madhavi & family, and the hospitality they have given us. Its been smooth transition into the U.S.


7 thoughts on “California living

  1. Aww lovely to hear you are having such an awesome time ,lovely too talk to you and Mike 😘😘😘😘


  2. Oh wow kayleigh what an amazing update on your blog…. loving that we can keep up to date with your travels! You’ll have to let me know if you’re still eating vegitarian by the time you get to Australia and I’ll brush up on my veggie dish skills lol!
    Love to you all xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My beautiful daughter .. never have I doubted your spirit and determination to forge a bright and beautiful future for you and your little family… missing you all very much but enjoying our catch ups much love to you Mike and my Rugrats.. xxx


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