Beaches and EGGOS.

Well Hello there!

10 days into our amazing family adventure. It’s so far for the most part been lovely. I would say for such a big change the Ferals have dealt with it all extremely well.


I want to just put a little normal to our scenario though. Do not be fooled by social media. We still have tantrums and bed time refusing. OH and that thing all kids do, you know, CRUSHING FISH CRACKERS IN THEIR CAPS ON THEIR HEADS IN OUR RENTAL!  That aside most of the time its ok this parenting lark, even when I was less tolerant today!


Whats been going on you say? Well mostly we have been exploring the area. San Clemente is lush the Beach there is great although a bit pebbly, as such unsocial home educated kids they naturally found other children and spent about an hour pulling monster seaweed from the sea and piling it up discussing the plan and protecting each other when the tide was too strong. The ferals really enjoyed it with the added bonus of the train going past every 30 minutes. Kids find a train going past amusing!

The place we really enjoyed though was San Diego old town this was a cool place. I would recommend going to anyone. Its quaint little old time-y shops, and plenty of areas for kids to run and see without the worry of traffic made it a stress-free trip out.

san diego old town.jpg
The ferals. Feral 3 not into smiling for pictures. Hello tween.

We then drove a few miles down the road into Seaport. OH. This place is cool! Parking is a little pricey so make sure you validate your parking (we did at Ben and Jerrys Ice cream, good icecream at tasty prices! *cough cough* 40 dollars *cough*). We wish we saw more here and was planning on walking up to an amazing looking play park, But we got distracted by a fire-breathing, sword swallower! This guy knew how to get a crowd and the ferals did not move an inch through the whole thing! There was fire, the guy drinking gasoline (gag) and swallowing a big sword. This was definitely intense and totally gag worthy at the same time. His finally was to swallow 5 swords. 5 SWORDS!



There are a lot of different beaches around here and they are all slightly different. We have never considered ourselves beach type people, if that is such a thing, but it’s really nice to be able to relax and let the kids paddle whilst we either chill or join in. Usually we are in there with them. As I was in Newport, Balboa pier. I personally really like Newport and beach next to Balboa pier was awesome! The waves were fairly strong so it was a god lesson for the ferals to know their limits. Also to teach them to ride the waves by throwing themselves in front of the breaking tide! The sand was so soft, and was a lot nicer to play in!

Balboa Beach

I personally felt a little self-conscious, there is a hell of a lot of bums out and dolled up faces. Which is cool. As someone who is constantly battling with personal image issues it took a little courage. I sat and watching the ferals at first (mike being unwell was not able to go in) and had the internal monologue, going 10 times a dozen at me. I thought screw it, and joined in.

Guess what people, nobody cared. No one cared that I was bigger than average, No one cared that I have a mummy belly, and a full swimsuit. So it is true for women (and men) who get worried about it, and decide to opt out of the fun. Please don’t because no ONE cares! I had so much fun, and didn’t want to get out! Feral 1 and I spent a long time riding the waves and laughing about the unexpectedness of the Pacific. Make those memories and fun in spite of that, anxiety, because I can tell you I didn’t worry afterwards walking to the car in a towel, still laughing with my family knowing that they will remember this day of sillyness from mum. DO IT MUMS!      Balboa   Dana POint Pine park

Today we chilled out, played computer games in our downtime, and a quick trip to Dana Point Pines Park to run off some steam.  We also popped to the store which is where I spotted Eggo’s and as What I THINK Feral2 looks like 011 From ‘Stranger Things’ this had to be done. Mainly for Aunty Amanda, and because it’s a good way to end anything!

Eggos 11
Feral2 He’s got 11 poses down.


7 thoughts on “Beaches and EGGOS.

  1. Thanks for the amazing update bought a tear to your mum’s eye when u said about body are beautiful inside and out Kayleigh Lease.. well done for conquering those inner demons ..take a good hard look at yourself and see what you are a Mum.. Wife. Daughter.. Sister..who is amazing and so God Damned Stunning.. love you guys sounds blooming awesome xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fabulous. Loving catching up with you and the crew. Great piece about Mums (and Dads) joining in and making those memories being more important than what a stranger MIGHT think. Beautiful people making beautiful memories to share. Thank you for sharing. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another fab update guys! Like mum said Kayleigh – beautiful inside and out…. so glad u got in the waves. We have awesome body boarding beaches here so keep practicing! ! 😜 Lovely pics too btw! xxxx


  4. Pictures are stunning .. you are spot on with what you said Kayleigh just have the fun it is as simple as that .. you write a great blog .. take care all of you xxxxx


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