Aloha Maui! 

For a long time I have wanted to stand on a beach with the wide open ocean ahead of me, nothing else. Just ocean, soft sand and that feeling of total freedom. Well in Maui that’s how I felt.

I have always wanted to visit Hawaii, bucket list ticked. Maui is breathtaking.

First off we flew in late around 9 pm, the first thing off the plane that hit us was the humidity, pah! We had a hire car, an Altima which was perfect for this trip, big boot space! Driving to our place was smooth we could hear the ocean next to us but as it was so dark and no street lights we couldn’t see a thing around us. After a little trouble getting into our apartment we hit the hay instantly, in fact the ferals just laid in the same bed and fell asleep.

The next morning when we awoke it was incredible our apartment was across the street to the ocean and our balcony overlooked a lush green, cool trees with big swinging vines and the pool tucked away just behind it. We stocked up at the grocery store (let me warn you now, food IS expensive so chose wisely if your on budget) the ferals were restless and I was in a bit of a mood, which was not the ideal Maui I had been looking forward too, so to chill out we spent a few hours in the pool then walked along the shore, past some hotels and found a small part of the beach that wasn’t private and had a dip.

Well for the first day and an ad-hock walk we hit the jackpot not even 4 feet away on the rocks were several green sea turtles feeding. WHAT LUCK! The ocean waves were a little too rough so close to the rocks for them to paddle out so mike and I took it in turns to get closer ( now I must say you ARE NOT allowed to get too close or touch them this is a heavy fine and it’s to protect them, we had found this out after our encounter) we stood for a while just watching in the water and we both had the privilege of a turtle come closer to the fact they almost touched us. Those creatures are magnificent and so majestic they is something totally magical about watching them. The ferals watched from ashore before we went back to the less rough area for them to paddle. What a first day!

The rest of the week was filled with as equal magical moments and time in the pool. Every morning was very humid but because there was a lovely breeze it was bearable. We visited the ‘blow hole’ first, this incredible sight is not to be missed, there is a short hike down the cliff and over rocks to get to the blow hole, but man it’s worth it, the water from the ocean was shooting up in the air and was really refreshing after the hike down, the surrounded area contains lots of volcanic type rock with rock pools and cute fish in them, not to mention heart rock, the small hole in the rock shapes as, yes a heart awww. Hiking back up was fine but hot, the bribe of this amazing dried mango made it easier.

We then took a drive round the mountain with the most incredable views that photo’s could not capture what we were seeing we ended up near a river and had a quick walk in it after this and arrived back into Lahaina.

hawaii river 1.jpg

The following day we set out to the Maui Ocean center, what a place with all the right morals. They take fish from the ocean around them and then release them back after a year unless they need help, they do not keep mammals such as dolphins, whales seals etc but still study them in the ocean. The big tank and tunnel feeds directly from the ocean so the water is the same to what the fish are used too, not including the coral breeding and rescuing they participate in. This was a great day out and the ferals enjoyed collecting the brass rubbings in exchange for a tattoo!

After an early night the next morning we set off at 6 am to ‘The Lahaina princess’ a boat that took us to Molonkini. This island is a sunken volcano were only half of the summit can be seen, underwater it has created a sea life haven and is in fact a protected preserve. It took an hour from Lahaina with breakfast and lunch included. Once arrived we were given the safety talk and were on our way. I have to admit it was kinda scary at first as I lowered the ferals a few feet below me to mike who was floating in 20 ft deep reef. The ferals however were raring to go wearing flippers, snorkels, life jackets and a noodle. Once they were in, it was clear we had nothing to worry about it took feral 1 and 2 not even a minute to figure the snorkel out and away they went feral3 however had a bit of trouble with breathing through his mouth. Eventually with mikes patients he got it and there we stayed for the next 2 hours! Unfortunately we were unable to make a second stop to see turtles due to a swell that had moved them on. We did get to see several different urchins a huge eel and many tropical fish!


That evening we spent dinner at a Luau. This was one of my personal favorites, the dancing and story telling were so compelling the ferals didn’t take their eyes off of them. The grand finally was the fire dancer, who was joined by more dancers. The night was amazing. If you visit Hawaii a Luau is a must!!

Naturally the next day we were knackered we popped into the historic town of Lahaina were the Hawaiian Royals were meant to live and found the most beautiful Banyan tree, those things are incredible! We spent a short time in the museum learning a little before returning to our apartment to jump in the pool and chill out. The ferals got some homeschooling done with daddy and played with their new fiends whilst I took a nap 🙂

Haleakala mountain was our destination the following day driving through upcountry we realized we hadn’t seen even half of the island! This place was Mikes favorite destination. We elevated to a height of 10000 ft and on the way up drove through the clouds. It was a different world up there the temperature for a start was a cool 20 degrees below what we had been used too and the wind was insane feral 2 lost his hat! We walked round the summit of what we could at this incredible Volcano the legend around it is said that Maui the Demigod stood at the top and when the sun rose from its sleep lassoed it with a coconut fiber lasso  and threatened him, telling the sun he had to stay out and create longer days so his mother could dry the Kapa (bark from a try and dyed to make a cloth) , the sun struck a deal to stay out longer for 6 months of the year.

As we waved goodbye to Haleakala and feral2’s hat, we descended down the mountain and on the way home to Lahaina which I do not remember after taking a sickness tablet and it having the affect of a sleeping pill. That was our last day before flying the next night on a redeye flight back to Lax. Having the whole day to kill we ventured to turtle town a beach were on our last day we saw and swam with Green sea turtles, before making our way to the airport.

turte twn1

This place was everything and more than what I imagined it would be and yet we saw only a small part of it.You definitely need more than a week to appreciate the rest of the Island as there is so much to see and do!  I’d love to return one day! The ferals have been asking for us to live there ha!!

Our accommodation had absolutely everything you need, especially with children in mind, we would HIGHLY recommend these guys! Check them out Here

All in all this was the place of dreams. We met amazing people and had such an awesome, inspirational magical time as an O’hana!

Mahalo and Aloha.

2 thoughts on “Aloha Maui! 

    1. Ahhh darling I read this yesterday at work and wept .. what magical moments and life long memories you are making .. it all sounds like a fairy tale with the added bonus of the Leeses boys antics…

      You all look so relaxed on messenger and well.. I can’t take my eyes of you when we talk you look so happy .. serene .. peaceful and it makes me so so happy to see..

      Keep up the blogs darling … love you all and miss you all so much xxxx


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