In-between and a special Thanks

28th- 30th June;

So we came back to our home away from home in San Juan Capistrano after picking up our blooming awesome ride to The dujs and Madhavi’s house. We have settled in so well there the kids chilled out, got to hang with there new favorite cousins (4th? Cousins, is that a thing? We will make it a thing. 4th Cousins) and we lulled about till we had to pack up again and go the next day.

We have been utterly spoiled by these generous humans, letting us stay in their home, allowing us to share in a special festival, showing the boys some Jujitsu and generally making the first part of this journey easy and so welcoming. We have learned a lot, and have even taking on vegetarianism going forward feeling the benefits it has on our bodies.

We also had a great privileged of having our palms read by the talented Vernon Mahabal What an amazing talent. He was spot on, take a look on the link.

After being rested and raring to go we left the Silver’s house and embarked on our Road Trip.

The first stop was interesting we drove to a place near the Colorado river in Blythe, as a one night stop over. The place was dark when we arrived, the Ferals had done amazing sitting in the car for 4 hours. This cabin was cute and tiny for the price we couldnt complain the showers were clean and we had a place to sleep. The next Leg of the journey was the one we were really looking forward too, Williams here we come!


A special thanks to Sadbuj, Madhavi, Gopi, Kanhaiya and Nayana!


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