Road trip part 1: Are we there yet?

You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! -Dr Seuss 

It is road trip time, this is the part of our journey that I spent a million hours Google mapping, town researching, and airbnb-ing to the max. This was an interesting and time enduring research period, with kids in mind it became quite clear that we will be seeing amazing sights and mind blowing places but with short attention spans, little legs and the heat to boot!

I believe our last blog left you at the first leg of our journey to a one night stop over at a little cabin. After Blythe we made our way East on Route 10 towards phoenix with a quick breakfast stop we were on our way. Maybe the fresh orange juice wasn’t the greatest idea for poor feral3 hurled in a paper bag (note to self; Paper bags do not hold sick very well!) Lovely! After it was all out he was fine and we were well on our way!

We had a smooth ride up Rte 17 North before turning off into Sedona. WOW! What a cool place! It was so pretty, bright red rock everywhere, a kooky little town, and awesome little buildings. However we didn’t stop we had something else in mind very close.

Slide Rock State park! It is situated in Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, this natural creek bed has made a slippery slide, through the canyon allowing you to slide away! Watch it it is real slippery, we fell over a few times as did the ferals with Feral2 bruising his chin. Feral1 and I hiked up the river a little away from people and found a natural pool of cool water and crazy high canyon walls all around us. That place is a blast and not to be missed if you ever find yourself that way! It was the perfect stop off before carrying on towards Williams.

We got into Willaims (route 66 chheehooooo) and we were starving! We stopped at this cool diner called ‘Cruiser Route 66 Cafe’ Everything was made from cars, or road parts, The Food was delish, and the entertainment was a local guy singing with his guitar. Awesome.

eco cabin

We didn’t seem to get many pictures which I know is a bummer especially for a blog but we were enjoying everything too much to see it through a lens instead of our own eyes! Next up was our Ecocabin in the middle of nowhere. We had to drive down a dirt track to get to it in the dark was a little scary but when we made it. Well lets just say if you want a desert experience or a calm get away check this place out (grand canyon eco cabin) It had everything you could want in cool rooms, comfy beds, games, and desert quite. I mean it is silent. It was lovely. Plus watching sunset and then seeing the stars appear one by one. Incredibly clear. The bonus it was only 30 minutes away from the Grand Canyon.

Down the road towards the GC there was a little place called Bedrock where a certain Flintstone lives. We are not sure what this place would be classed as, but it was cute and it killed an hour or so.

The Grand Canyon was an early-ish start, arriving there around 9am which was a great time as the car park was already starting to fill up! We looked at the trails and decided to settle on the Mather Trail 15 minute walk was perfect for the ferals, we happily walked up climbing rocks as they went. Then it came into view. THE. GRAND. CANYON. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Blooming heck! Its incredible, we all stood there in awe, staring at this huge canyon that went on forever. As far as the eye can see! The Ferals learnt a lot about how the canyon was created and the animals that roam around.

The ferals spotted a chipmunk and Several squirrels who were not shy, in fact they ran straight up to us stole biscuits and jumped in my backpack. We took a shuttle up to the geology center this had another awesome view and lots of great snippets of info about the GC. We hiked back down, admittedly I was a little freaked with the ferals running around and the edge of the GC being quite open, but we encouraged them to walk in the shade of he trees on the other side of the path which made me feel better! We headed to the visitor center  watched a film and collected fresh water to fill our bottles.

Next stop was the North of the GC, driving through cool desert mini little tornados crossed our path and still the sights were a wonder.  We were making our way up to Orderville (near zion) stopping for dinner at the Thunderbirds restaurant then heading into our retro ‘Stranger things’ like accommodation. After taking a day to just relax ( the ferals needed a chill day and we needed it too).

ZION NATIONAL PARK. Wowweee! I personally preferred Zion to the GC although all amazing this just appealed to me more and maybe the kids. First off we headed straight to the Jr Ranger Program the ferals received a book to complete were depending on age they had to complete a certain amount of pages and a Ranger workshop to becime a Jr Ranger! These are available in most national parks and brilliant learning opportunities for the kids. After Hiking for a bit past the river spotting many lizards and Mule deer we arrived at the ranger workshop to participate. This was a talk on Cougars lead by Ranger (Hi Ranger Chadley). So informative and hands on. Ranger Chadleys enthusiasm captured our attention and totally put the Ferals minds into learning mode. They joined in and completed several pages more than required!

After Receiving their Ranger badges and pledging to the JR Ranger programme we hiked a little more and ended up in the Virgin River cooling off and finding some more of natures beauty!

All in all those sights and wonders were incredible, the ferals will never forget this, and have learnt a fair amount along the way already. Our next stop is Vegas We are currently sitting in 112F (45C). We had a few things lined up to visit and see but the ferals just are not up for it. I have to say although there is still a fair amount for kids to do it just isn’t ‘us’ here. Even the people who live here are saying its too hot to do anything. So after visiting Ethel M’s chocolate factory and a drive down the strip we made a parent decision to hit the pool and try not to melt!

See you at part 2!!!

7 thoughts on “Road trip part 1: Are we there yet?

  1. Sounds sizzling but great .. the blogs are so you I can hear your voice as I read them .. totally loving this adventure love you all to bits … roll on Sept and a quick catch up.. when I will spend every second with you all till you move on xx xxx


  2. Ha, ‘Mom’ is so right, I read these blogs and hear you in my head, (except the one I read that wasn’t you and had no voice in my head, weird!).
    Such fun to catch up with you all. Evocative descriptions helping me live your experiences in my head.
    The road trip sounds exhilarating and exhausting as well as educational and eminently memorable. So looking forward to the next update! Best wishes to you all. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kayleigh your blog updates are fantastic… loving it and loving being able to follow your adventures! It all sounds awesome… 45° is not nice though!! Going to scroll up to part 2 now as I’m a bit behind in reading them! 😀 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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