Road Trip Part Two: Numb bums on the vomit comet!

We ended part one in Vegas. I know that was a slight anti-climax but it was just to damn hot to do anything.

So next up was the drive to Mammoth Lakes. On the way we stopped at this quirky little place called ‘Area 51 Alien center’ which is a gas station novelty gift shop, Diner and Brothel! Don’t be put off by the brothel part the food was really good and the staff were super friendly! Area51 Alien Center

Most of our drive have consisted of 4-6 hours so far. It is long and the ferals are coping extremely well, even feral3 who has had a bought of travel sickness is not being deterred! So from here we drove though to Mammoth Lakes, Wow. Wow oh wow. WE LOVED THIS PLACE! Not only was it slightly cooler in temperature it was a cool town. The center was a hubbub of locals and tourists with plenty of things to do, then a few minutes up the mountain you had several lakes, hikes Bike trails, and all different water activities.  We stayed in this ‘totes adorbs’ cabin with a pool, spa and games room. Check it out here! So perfect and in the winter the mountains are covered in snow, which makes it a top place to ski!

Over the few days we stayed here we really enjoyed out time. We hired a boat and rowed across a Lake, took a hike, Hired Bikes with the 2 younger ferals attached to our bikes, we ended up being driven to the top of the mountain by the hire place guy and took a 10 mile bike ride down and around the area (im pretty sure I almost died) with the altitude at times being around 7000ft it was exhausting! If you ever visit (which we highly recommend) Make sure you go to Alpine Sports Outfitters  they had everything you needed, with a friendly attitude and they were great with the kids! We made use of the pool and spa as well as visiting the Local cinema! It was sad when we had to leave this awesome place.

Mammoth boat ride

However we were on a schedule, places to go. Roads to ride, sick to catch. So on we went straight over to Yosemite (may I add that Mammoth was only 20 minutes from Tioga pass entrance of Yosemite). Little tip, the SatNav will say there is a petrol station along Tioga pass near the entrance, but we can assure you there is not! Make sure you gas up before going. We had a beautiful drive into Yosemite and stopped a few times on the way to the Ranger station, we first off found foot prints, the print to the right was identified as most likely a Coyote the other was not shown to the Ranger.

That was exciting enough! We went to the Ranger station and was told to hike a certain trail that I cannot remember the name too! Whatever, we hiked it was amazing, the river was super fierce and so we had to be careful. Yosemite started out very well but the day fell into disarray, Feral3 through massive tantrums most of the Hike, Feral2 was convinced he could swim in the lakes there (he couldn’t) We mistakenly assumed there would be some sort of Shop or food van to provide us with sustenance. There wasn’t. Halfway down on checking a decent slow-moving creek to satisfy Feral2’s water craving I dropped my phone with smashed.

WE proceeded to make our way towards Yosemite Valley which was rammed by that time (go figure). We made a rash decision to turn back and head towards our place in Modesto and find somewhere on the way. HA. but good old GPS had it in for us. It took us down the longest windiest road ever. Were Feral3 threw up twice and feral1 hurled. Feral2 and Mike looked green. I was driving. Eventually we made it to a little town and saw a restaurant. Were feral 1 and 3 barffed again! We were desperate to eat ordered and between kids being sick and finding something vegetarian, we hadn’t noticed the amount of flies. Like not just  few pesky flies in the heat. Like ‘I think there is a dead body here somewhere’ type of amount of flies. To top it off a guy from the kitchen walks out with a fly swatter and started whacking everything.

We ate up (ew) and got out o there quick. So for anyone that speaks to us we would not like to think about that place again. Cheers! Back in the car the kids complaining of numb bums trudge back in and we make head way. Finally a straight stretch of Road!! ’15 Minutes to go’ we inform the ferals fist pumping the air, and whooping. I turn to check on the feral3 being strangely quite, and for good reason. Poor feral3 was choking on his sick! That damn gross pizza! It got a little panicky but the sheer amount of coke (which we don’t usually give the ferals) catapulted that pizza out like a firework. All over himself! He was devastated. We pulled over to clean him up and the car, the older two ferals although also fed up sporadically burst into song to cheer everyone up, and eventually we made it to Modesto. John, our host,  was so accommodating, he let us into his home, it was clean, fresh towels, trampoline for the kids, comfortable and a cute cat named Oli (Check it out here). It’s obvious to say the end of that day couldn’t come sooner.

Modesto Olli.jpg

Next morning we were up and off to San Francisco, with it only being a few hours away we wanted to make the most of the City. We hit a bit of traffic, but all in all it was an ok drive. We made our way to the Californian museum of Science. Good Choice! So much to do here, we rushed about between the rain forest dome, Earthquake simulator, Earthquake show in the planetarium and many other displays. There was a few things we weren’t keen on although impressive and it is a rant for another time, but it was the aquarium and the Penguin exhibit. Felt out-of-place and not big enough in some cases.

We ended our day by retreating to our Airbnb. The area was a little intimidating, but it was fine, we were only using it as a base anyway. Please note the traffic in San Fran is insane and it takes an hour to go 6 miles. We spent the next day taking an open top tour bus around the city which was worth it, it crossed the golden gate bridge and took us to all the interesting places. WINDY! Unfortunately we didn’t pre-book for Alcatraz and didn’t manage to get a place so we took pictures from the shore and read the information about it which interested Feral1. After taking a walk along the Harbour we ended up in The Rainforest Cafe for dinner and a balloon artist.

San Fransisco had lots to do and with 3 ferals we didn’t do the half of it. It’s so worth getting a bus tour ticket which drops you off and returns every 30 minutes at any stop of interest. Book Alcatraz early we actually looked to book around 3 weeks ago with no luck. All in all with all the sick and a trialing couple of days we learnt from our mistakes and always, always carry wet wipes in your car!

Part Three coming soon because the lack of wifi has made me run late with updates 😀 PEACE!

9 thoughts on “Road Trip Part Two: Numb bums on the vomit comet!

  1. Hi guys ….sounds like a crazy time beening had …and you are packing so much in !! ,vomit or not you keep going !!let those free spirits you all have ,soar to the highest …love you all xxx

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  2. I left a comment when this first went up don’t know where it went xxx Anyway love the blog very well written and makes me feel part of the journey …so great to be living the dream .. love you guys ..cant wait to see u soon love Mum xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Enjoying reading your blogs Kayleigh, keep them coming. Apart from all the sick looks like you guys are having an amazing experience!! Have fun!! Shelley and Si xxx

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