Road Trip part 3: The End of the USA

The last part of the USA before we depart for Canada 😀

By George we’ve got it!

You know this travelling stuff is a great gig, we are ALL learning so much, the places we have visited, the people we have met, the information we have retained. Yet we still have to keep it in mind that we are still educating our children at the same time. We have been home edding for 4 years in October, in the last few years we have been ‘unscooling’ a little more the anything structured.

So during car journeys were we have usually 5 hours to kill we have been encouraging the ferals to write in their travel journals, read, complete some little maths booklets they have etc anything creative or any type of ‘brain training’. OBVIOUSLY this works for short amount of time, before boredom sets in and I thought to myself, why?! So the god send that is technology, I downloaded several films and let them watch them. Back to back. Screw it they are learning lots, and sometimes folks you have to do anything for your own sanity because if i had to deal with one my fight with flying beanies and loom bands I would have lost my shit.

Silhoutte coffee creek

So with that being that (thank you Pirates of the Caribbean for being so long!) We were on our way to Coffee Creek! Most people have probably never heard of Coffee Creek, it was a random find, it was a gem! Nestled in the Trinity Alps, Maples Cabin had everything we needed including owning possibly the best pizza restaurant ever!. The ferals were very intrigued about Big foot who wanders this mountain range, they were getting out maps, reading articles and keeping a sharp eye out for that stinky, Neanderthal. Alas no sightings but it did get them working together and also looking for tracks whilst plying out in the forest.

Feral 2 needed to swim in a lake so we went looking for a secluded spot without boats, we drove around the trinity lake till I told Mike to swing down this dirt road that I could see on the map will lead to the lake. OH MY GOODNESS! This road, I kid you not was only slightly wider that the car itself. The dirt track had big cracks that jolted the car around and the fallen trees that mike had to maneuver around without falling down he sheer drop. There was no turning back so we had to keep going, we came to what seemed the end and could see the glistening lake ahead. We made it out alive and found a secluded part of the lake, forest surrounding it and perfect for a swim!

We found a smaller dirt track to exit which was a lot less dangerous, the rest of the trip was exploring the surroundings, scaling down steep hills to reach creeks, checking out the stars at night in the middle of nowhere makes you feel very vulnerable but the view (check the pic above ) was incredible unfortunately our phones didn’t pick up any stars. Whilst the ferals and mike were playing basket ball mudwasps (we think) stung Feral1 and Mike, those things look evil, but that was the only mishap in this vast wilderness!

As we waved goodbye and drove over the top of the mountain range, I was still desperate to witness a bear, this has not happened yet and I think i’m driving the boys mad by keeping telling them to look out for one! Cottage Grove was up next, cool town with lot on. We stayed in a an eco cottage on a working small holding farm. This was the ferals best place and Katya and Marshall (check their airbnb here)were the kindest most accommodating people we have met so far.

Their little piece of paradise had a few cows, a few more goats, a beautiful dog (eyshelle) Rabbits, chickens etc. They welcomed us and the kids with open arms, and let the ferals get involved in the farm work, they milked the cows, fixed fencing, herded the cows and goats, payed with Eyshelle, petted rabbits, used a scythe to cut the grass, rake it and but it in the barrow and more! The ferals had safe freedom to roam with reason. We visited the local town fair and by the time we did all that over a few days it was time to move on again! Moo waddle waddle Farm was an awesome experience for the kids and for us, it was an organic farm, who do not use chemicals and recycle everything (something we should all aspire to do!) including the humanure toilet!

cottage grove milk

It was a bittersweet goodbye from this place made sweeter by the gifts we departed with (raw cow milk, yogurt and butter!) YUM! so good!

On to Aberdeen, we stayed here as it was the closest airbnb I could find to Olympic National park without paying an arm and leg to stay inside the forest of a million acres. Our place was clean and had a nice big garden, and the highlight unbeknownst to us was this was the town Kurt Cobain was born in. Mike ha still been running whilst being away and he was chuffed to be running around this area and finding the house Kurt Cobain grew up in and the tribute under the wishkah bridge. A trip to grays  for a walk and climb up huge rocks! Lots to see including the incredible boulders, there habour were anemones, starfish, jellies, and crabs.

We ventured into Olympic National park, the main bit we wanted to experience was the Hoh Rainforest, we followed a couple of trails and were not disappointing in the views and knowledge acquired on the way! The Tree’s were bloody huge (technical term) and the moss and nurse trees were incredible! We stopped off at the Lake for a paddle and a walk up the fresh stream (Feral2 almost caught a fish with his bare hands and feral3 fell in whilst climbing) Chilly!

Next up was a short car journey to Seattle!!! WOOO!! We have visited the Space Needle, there was a time slot and we had an hour and half to kill but Seattle being pretty awesome has a big playground in the center which the ferals enjoyed! After we went to the MOPOP Museum, highly recommend, there was retro and new computer games, tributes to Bowie, studios to play all instruments and record, hall of guitars, movie props in sci-fi and fantasy hall, and a Muppet exhibit (fyi you have to pay 5 dollars extra each for this it’s not worth it unless you walk away and the lady give you entrance for 10 dollars for the lot of ya *wink*) The ferals put on a puppet show of their own for us, it was actually pretty funny!

We have spent today chilling out at the house, and Mike playing in the garden with kids, some video game play and a film (Twister, yes the ferals loved it). Tomorrow we are possibly going to Pike place market, and looking into maybe visiting a park before having to pack for Canada on the Amtrak on Monday.

We are finally caught up before we head to Vancouver Island and Calgary!

I think its safe to say we are thoroughly enjoying it but it will be nice to slow things down a bit and stay in places a little longer than a few days at a time!


6 thoughts on “Road Trip part 3: The End of the USA

  1. Fantastic blog again Kayleigh! Especially the photos! Don’t know how you’re finding the time but so glad you are!! What wonderful experiences for you all not just the boys!! Take care! The amtrax will be an experience! Have a terrific time! Speak soon! Love you all loads!! X X


  2. Can’t wait for the next chapter, it’s like an adventure novel. Really enjoyed Rory’s post. I’m sure you will enjoy Canada just as much if not more than the US.


  3. Love your blogs Kay ,Cassie is now writing a blog ,my globe trotting family ,you all have such courage ,on to Canada wow looking forward to next one ,really enjoyed our chat yesterday love to you all xxxxxx


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