Iceland: Feral2 Birthday! 

Getting on a plane to Iceland was very refreshing after travelling in a car for 2 months. The welcomed change brought us a new lease in travel and we approached it with new eyes. 

As usual the plane journey was a breeze the ferals revel in the snacks, Tv and games. They even got a 3 ish hour nap in! Mike and I however didn’t, not ideal on a night flight and time change. Hello jet lag!! 

We arrived in Iceland at 6:40am then making a drive to our place in the golden circle, starving we stopped off at a garage and could only find dirty burgers, sickly for the morning but when needs must! 

Arriving at our cute little cabin we were in awe! At the end of a short dirt track we found a gated community and with it our small cabin with two bedrooms and a loft space with 2 more beds in. Perfect with hardly any one else around and space for ferals to play! The first day naturally we just loaded up on grocerys and chilled out, conserving energy for the busy week we had planned! 
Obviously jet lag was naturally setting in but to top it off feral2 awoke hurling at midnight and a gripping stomach ache! Perfect I mean who needs sleep anyway? Cuddling the poorly kid and comforting his little worn out soul we got next to nothing sleep again. It didn’t stop us though with a later start to the day we went out and visited Golden Falls, this incredible landscape captured our attention with water spritzing our faces on the walk down and a fresh breeze we were most certainly awake! 

Next up was the geysers, located only about 15 minutes from golden falls, there is a visitors centre and cafeteria. Fed up of eating junk food that one side of the cafeteria served we went to the other side and all opted for soup (omfg yum) and fruit pots with chocolate oat milk. Feeling full and happy we marched on up to the geysers, reading the facts as we went, seeing the incredible hot springs and bubbling pools we reached the main geezer geyser!! This bad boy put on a show for us with several explosions of water 50 feet in the air and spraying us with warm H20 and steam (toasty). The ferals loved this after many discussions and checking out the other pools we headed back home on the way stopping at a (well what we thought was a lake in a volcano, it wasn’t) instead we hiked up and pretty much rolled back down, to finally sleep……or did we.

Having kids as many know is hard work, after our time change Mike’s jet lag had hit him hard and he fell asleep early. I put the kids to bed for feral2 to do his I’m not going to bed routine for 4 hours, so much fun! After negotiating and Mike waking up an hour or so later to a screaming child, we split up and slept anywhere that everyone could agree on. 

The following morning was a chore to wake up, again leaving the house later than we usually did we made our way to Thingvellir national park. This is the valley were  tectonic plates have separated, you can walk on the volcanic floor walkway in between where vikings once walked, this was also the place we’re the first Icelandic parliament was made.  Of course it was feral3’s turn to play up. As soon as we stepped out the car he had a face like a slapped arse! Sometimes though you have to carry on, so with unhappy grumpywhinger dragging his feet behind us we valiantly trotted up the valley, and back down to see a waterfall (which feral2 and 3 fell in, standard!). Then marching to ferals3’s dismay up to the highest point, the kids did well so on my shoulders he went for the last stint which was a steep upward gradient.

The view incredible! The crack, in which the plates are separating at a rate of 2cm per year, were fun for the ferals to play inside which freaked me out to no end, however they are still alive (parenting win). Hiking down was quick and easy albeit a little slippy due to the gravel. A successful long day, made awesome by ending it in Kerio crater, a magma chamber that has collapsed and created a lake. Beautiful viewa and again an exhilarating walk around the summit and into the crater itself. 

The kids actually went to bed better that night, but the husband did not he actually did not sleep at all! Anyone who knows Mike knows that is not a good thing! 

Monday 21st and it was ferals2 6th birthday!’ I had managed to make a cake the previous night, and we had birthday cake for breakfast, and present opening took up our morning. Being on the road we haven’t got a lot of room for toys, so he picked a place to go. Our 6 year old feral choose the Bridge between continents and the Blue Lagoon, AWESOME! 

We had the lagoon booked for 2pm and getting a little lost towards the end of the journey to the Brigde we had 20 minutes to enjoy it. Luckily it is literally a bridge between two massive stone walls which are the Eurasian plate and the North American plate that are separating! The ferals thought this incredible, and with a run back to the car we drove straight to the Blue lagoon and made it on time! Phew! 

First off the thing that you notice is the smell. As feral3 says it smells like rotten eggs, the steam billows out and it looks pretty magical. We all get in and it is warm, like hot tub warm, lush! What also hit us was how bright it was serioisly my retinas were burning! Once you adjust its super enjoyable, you get a complimentary silica mask, and a bar to get refreshments whilst your swimming. We spent almost 3 hours here before we got too hot and hungry. Recommended for dinner was a place in Reykjavik called hambougerafabrikkan, they made an announcement for Feral2 birthday, and made a special ice cream for him too! 

That night I awoke unexpectedly around 1:30am and decided to check out the stars to my delight the northern lights were making an appearance it was faint but the blueish streaks moving across the sky were magical. Mike and I watched, and before we could wake the kids they faded. Wow! 

What a day! We were knackered! So the last day before flying out, we spent it playing around the house, packing and taking a drive to see if we could pet some horses. We found some horses (to be fair they are everywhere!). These guys were hanging around in the middle of a creek, at a closer look we noticed one of the horses was stuck! It’s leg was caught on one side of barbed wire! Despite our attempts we could not get over the fence to reach it, so we drove to a farm close by and with a huge relief found the owner who was devastated and left straight away to rescue their horse.

We did end up petting some horses then made our way back to finish up on packing. We left Iceland with amazing memories and in feral2 words  ‘The best birthday ever!’. We will definitely return one day! 

Now to travel across the ocean to Norway!! If I don’t see A moose I’ll cry! 

7 thoughts on “Iceland: Feral2 Birthday! 

  1. What a great time you are all having Im jealous! A few boys in my preschool class have been learning about volcanoes they are fascinated with them! Would it be ok to show them these pics?


  2. Sounds amazing!!! Following your Scandi adventures with interest as would love to visit, especially for the Northern Lights.

    Boys look like they are having a fab time.


  3. Another great adventure update Kayleigh! Iceland looks amazing…. didn’t realise it was so picturesque!! xxx


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