Norway + Holland. 

Here we are again folks! 

It’s been a while, again lack of WIFI (mike booked these accommodations) haha, I haven’t been able to update you all on the next lot of shenanigans.

Norway! The first thing that struck us was as soon as you leave the airport it’s green. Like, full on rolling hills, forests green. Absolutely beautiful! The air was fresh, the cows were plentiful and the roads were clear, we were cruising to Lier, tyrifjorden. 

On entering the two cabin property it was stunning, we had our own private beach onto the lake, with a back drop so jaw dropping you could easily think you were in The Shire. To the back of us was a Creek were our water for drinking came from. We knew the whole time that there was no hot running water, so  we were excited to rough it a little with washing in the lake or creek, and having billowing hot fires in the fireplace. Collecting kindling, using the  sail board to float around on, and a visit from Nana was the main events in Norway. 

Besides a couple of insidences; feral1 floating away on the board and the Fjord being over 500m deep,  and Mike having to swim out to fetch the abandoned board. Myself slipping on a rock landing on my back on other rocks. We had a wonderful time with Nana, taking her on a hike up the creek, finding Moose poop as we went, chilling out watching documentaries and on the journey to pick up Nana feral1 and Mike saw a Moose stumbling across the street and playing a lot of crazy 8’s! On one walk back from a creepy abondoned house we watched a cute little carriage being pulled by an even cuter horse, to our surprise the lady stopped and gave the ferals a little ride! So friendly! 

Our flight was late in the evening so we spent the day in Oslo visiting the Viking shop museum (wow) and seeing the changing of the Guards at the royal palace.  

Next up was Amsterdam! As usual the flight was fine very short, and we made  our way to our hotel the ‘Meininger Hotel with it being late and dark we were worried at first but the staff were super helpful and we were checked in a crashed out within minutes. 

The following day we got up had breakfast at the hotel and got the train to Amsterdam central, which took all of 15 minutes including getting the tickets with the station being so close. We wandered around for a bit checking out stores and grabbing a sparkly Unicorn Icecream. Buying a few bits from an awesome gaming type shop and making our way to The Happy Pig pancake house. 

These pancakes were something else, with a choice of savoury or sweet it didn’t matter they were all delicious! Made even tastier by the 11%discount card we took from the hotels discount wall. Sweet! Wandering back though the ferals were not enjoying it, the bikes have right of way which made for a hairy walk. Tired legs weren’t gonna deter us we wanted to walk and take in the beautiful buildings and canals, sometimes you just have to enjoy it and block out the whinging! Making a decision to jump on a Hop on Hop off boat we made our way to the dock, unfortunately I had an excruciating belly ache and almost reinacted the scene from bridesmaids. You know the one in the dress in the street. Luckily after finding a toilet I headed back to the Hotel with the younger two ferals whilst Mike and feral1 enjoyed a boat ride around Amsterdam. 

The following day we made our way to Duinrell meeting Granma and Grand Canyon (grandad Tim) staying in a standard Eurocamp luckily with our caravans across the camps site to each other. Perfect! We had numerous Bbqs and spent the first day in the Theme park getting drenched early on, and riding on as many rides as possible! 

Then Sunday came and it was Feral3 Birthday. He was 5, he opening his little presents had a special Pancake stack made by GC (Grand Canyon) and a candle in to celebrate his day! After a delicious breakfast we ran to the Tikibar swimming pool, this was great lots of water slides, and kids areas a wave machine we were in for a total of 6 hours also meeting our Home ed friends in there too! 

Over the week at duinrell we had another home ed family meet us, all close friends of the ferals and us, as well as the grandparents and we all had an amazing time! A few pointers taking 7 kids on go carts with 3 adults is not ideal, not only did we loose 3 of them one (feral2) smashed into a shops rope fence and another fell off their bike. This all happened not long before we actually lost feral3. 

This was a scary life moment with Mike and I running like lunatics back the way we came, due to the gaggle of kids we had we assumed each other had feral3, we have always drilled into the boys if they get lost to go to people with the uniform or a shop, if not a shop and they can see a ‘mummy’ with kids to tell them they are lost and can’t find their mum and dad. Feral3 is a child who will chat to ANYONE, also being just 5 we never thought he would do this in a panic, guess what folks, my obsessive drills and role plays paid off! He did exactly that, he went into the shop told a uniformed man he was lost and waited until we came. Proud parent moment right there! THEY DO LISTEN SOMETIMES, also a lesson to us to not get complacent, it could have been a lot worse!
The week ended quickly with more bbqs before getting up early for our flight to South Africa! 

The boys will be meeting properly for the first time their Great Grandad Robert and Great Nanny Nola. 

6 thoughts on “Norway + Holland. 

  1. Great blog Kayleigh! Photos are brilliant! A wonderful opportunity too for us oldies to catch up with you guys! I know how excited Rob and Nola are about seeing you all so have a great time and I’m holding thumbs that you get up close and personal (not too close and personal I hope tho) with the big 5!! Love you all loads! X X 💞


  2. Wonderful moments with you all we really enjoyed the hilarious moments with the boys and evening BBQs over a vino .. good to see you all… the place was a family dream … poor Theo and parents my worst nightmare… good boy for finding a trustworthy adult .. love you all xxxzx Thanks for letting us share a slice of your adventure xx


  3. Another amazing blogg Kayleigh. Lovely that Vivienne and mum and Tim were able to spend time with u in norway and holland… special memories made! Enjoy SA! Look forward to next instalment 😀 xxx


  4. We had such a lovely time catching up with you and sharing in Ferral3’s birthday. I love the look of Norway, what a beautiful place. xxx


  5. Love the unicorn ice-creams – great picture!

    Well done Theo for knowing what to do when lost. You’ve raised ’em right!

    Have an amazing last week away and we’ll see you soooooon xxxxx


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