Earlier than expected.

So I have something to tell you guys (which those close know) that we have made a decision to come home from our 4 month journey through several countries.

This wasn’t taken lightly. We actually had flights booked for Australia but, you see, the kids were all rather homesick. Not just a little homesick it was affecting them. We took a lot of different scenarios and thought about them extensively for our travels with 3 young boys. What we didn’t anticipate was the yearning for their family and in particular their home ed friends.

We have been home educating for a long time now, in fact we are into our 4th year. In this time we have made a fantastic community, almost like extended family. The ferals made friends wherever they went but it wasn’t the same, they missed them incredibly!

Not to mention they missed family too, we did under estimate this, and so with our moto in mind ‘If its not right for one, its not right for any’ we made the hard decision to cut it short and proceed with our travels on a shorter trip basis.

We did however have a bonus trip to Disneyland Paris from where I had won tickets to go to the parks. AWESOME! A last ‘HURRAH’ as it were! So back to leaving South Africa we had re-booked our flights from Cape Town Straight to Charles De Gaule, only a 20 hour flight with a 3 1/2 hour stop over in Dubai!!!

Exciting we thought the kids have dealt so well with planes this will be a piece of cake! HA! Well we flew Emirates, oh my goodness, the staff member we had was a moody so and so, attitude central! We could get by that, what we couldn’t get by was the crap food and the hour wait from the shambles of staff aimlessly wandering with their ‘system of serving’. Not only was we starving we were also parched during the 9 hour flight we only had service a handful of times for drinks!

On our arrival to Dubai it was 3 am, we were all shattered with 3 very tired Ferals, after having to catch a train to the connecting flight we managed an hours sleep on the airport floor before being herded into a further 7 hour flight. After the experience on the first we were dreading the second Leg.

Thank Goodness the staff were WAY more welcoming, food wasn’t much better but service was a huge improvement. Even when Feral 3 had a (what we realized the day after) a sickness bug and threw up 4 times in the little baggies. Poor mite! The staff were good and offered him a chamomile tea in which he held his nose and shook his hand with a ‘NOOO’ .

Once off we made our way out with feral2 struggling to keep things together, and baggage taking over an hour to come through. It felt LONG. At this point ferals had no idea were we were going and assumed we were spending the day in Paris. We sat them down in the airport and handed them an envelope with their names on and tickets inside, to say they were surprised and excited is an understatement! It was beautiful to watch their little faces, and then we had the realization of having 3 excited, very tired and unwell ferals to find our Coach to our Disney hotel Santa Fe.

After what seemed forever, we found the bus and hauled on, there was excited families freshly arrrived from short flight, looking happy and excited. Then there was us, in our clothes from a 20 hour flight, Feral2 struggling with the excitement and tiredness resulting in melt downs over everything! Besides feral2 the rest of us sat at the back with our heads flopping around in time with the road. Whilst in and out of consciousness we arrived at our Hotel, filling out paperwork and dragging suit cases and back packs, we made it. From there we grabbed some snacks, a starbucks and a pillow because we had a full 2 days of Disney land Paris!

These days went amazingly well, we went on as many rides as possible even with ferals 2 and 3 coming down with a slight Diarrhea bug, but hey its Disney! What was annoying was after one of them having an ‘accident’ we went to the shops to find boys trousers and OH MY GOSH they DO NOT sell many boys clothes, or P,J’s We had 1 pair of joggers which was held at a store. I had noticed this with most stores there do not hold boys stuff, so much more girls stuff! Even in the moana Shop in Disney Studio’s they had 1 Maui Plush at 30 odd Euro! EVERYTHING ELSE WAS FOR GIRLS, not even gender neutral, the tshirts were too frilly, in the end Feral2 did buy a Moana neckless and a Doll Set. We do not conform to gender toys its the boys choices but the shop was kitted out to make boys feel like they couldn’t get anything unless it was pink and frilly!

The rest of our time was filled with total Joy topped of with the Firework show, which is unbelievable! Some funny things whilst being there, getting stuck in a hail storm and getting brain freezes, Feral3 sleeping with me after feeling ill and soiling the bed, using sanitary towels as poop buffers in case we had troubles (they didnt).

The major bonus was that we could fly from Charles De Gaule straight to Southend London airport with ease! We were picked up and home withing 20 minutes enjoying an Indian Takeaway with the Family!

Overall our experience has been one of a kind. We have learnt so much from each other and have created a bond and memories that will stay forever, It has also shown us that travelling with kids isn’t as hard as it seems, that we argue over stupid things, yet we all get on incredibly well. It has shown us that the world is beautiful and not as scary as it seems. That we can have what we want without material goods weighing us down. That going forward, travelling will always be something we will carrying on doing, whether it be in the UK exploring, or other countries. It’s now in our blood!

We have settled back quickly and are back to Home educating the kids, with so much more knowledge about the world yet not even close to what we could learn. I hope that everyone takes a step out of their comfort zone. If something isn’t working in your life change it as best you can, work with those you love because they ARE what matters, not houses or cars, or annual income, It seriously doesn’t.


It’s not easy not conforming to the social norms but holy shit is it rewarding.

3 thoughts on “ Earlier than expected.

  1. Beautifully written darling… so right to come home ..all for one and one for all…. in the words of The Musketeers… it was a blast and a whole host of learning was achieved not just about the World but about each other .. very glad to have you all home with us .. we missed you like crazy but so proud of the journey you all took ..the Leese Family rocks xxx


  2. Love this. Thank you for sharing your journey, warts and all. It’s been a great ride. Thanks for your thoughts and honest appraisal. Welcome home and bless you all. 😁


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