Hello 2018.

An intro to 2018 and what’s the happy haps in our lives.

Life is a journey. Like always.

For whatever reason we seem to take less  conventional routes in our life choices.

We home educate our 3 boys, in this we discuss alot of how we want our lives to be. Not just me and my husband but with the ferals too. We believe it’s ALL of our decision. It takes compromise and teaches the kids to debate, and make their own conclusion on most things.

Well in this, we have made the decision to follow a Vegan lifestyle. We will be eating more wholesome foods, cooking more and making conscious decisions on what we are fueling our bodies with. Whilst travelling we went veggie for a time and loved it we felt healthier, more energetic the kids just looked better too!

In this lifestyle and some research we have done, their seems to be so many benefits. Eating meat has been an ongoing issue individually for some time now and now we know what it does to our bodies and how it can affect our health we cannot ‘unknow’ it.


So instead we are gonna be confident in our choices and decisions, and go Vegan without looking back. I know this will come with challenges and a lot of learning. I can’t wait to share some of our journey with you, not to mention the recipes, especially the ones the kids do and do not like!

Our first day went without too much problem and to get us in the swing I bought Vegan ice cream to soften the blow on the treats still left over from Christmas. We had a roast dinner, in which I made butternutsquash, tofu pizza. The kids hated it which is funny as they love butternut squash and just ate the veggies on the side. This may only last as long as it does or it will last forever I hoping the latter.

Life is ever changing and we should just ride along, going with what we FEEL is right has a lot to say for itself. Who cares if people think your weird, or mad, or takes offence in your choices. That’s their bag. Along side our new eating choices, we are also opting to move our bodies more, to feel good, to see things, to listen to what it needs.

I cant wait for this year ahead and the things we have planned and the challenges we anticipate. Humans are ever changing, we need to constantly learn and find things we can be passionate about. The problem a lot of us have is to not act on it, try. You will probably fail, but if we didn’t fail we wouldn’t learn anything. Failing is an essential part of being us.

So without further hesitation Hello 2018. Lets see what you have in store for us!

2 thoughts on “Hello 2018.

  1. Happy 2018 to all 5 of you. I trust the Ferals are doing great and growing into fine young men. I enjoyed reading your post and encourage you and your family in your new journey of eating. We here in BC speak of your little family often and congratulate you all on the choice to enjoy this great world we live in. Until next time- God Bless and good health to you all. Pearl & Jack


  2. I hope this experience is an enjoyable one with more ups than downs for you guys😁
    I won’t wish you luck as I know you won’t need it, I do wish you strength and happiness.
    Enjoy 2018.


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