Vegan Pancakes, vegan,vegan pancakes.

Shrove Tuesday. Tomorrow is PANCAKE DAY!

Lets have a freshen up on what Shrove Tuesday is all about. Firstly its a day of feasting, feasting before Ash Wednesday when the first day of fasting occurs associated with the day preceding Lent becauseit was a way to use up rich food stuffs such as eggs, milk, and sugar, before the fasting season of the 40 days of Lent.. ‘Shrove’ means being forgiven for any wrong doings. Depending on religions and areas of the world it is named different things, shrove tuesday, pancake day, Mardi Gras or grease tuesday are but a few.

For us though its a day where we eat pancakes, like all day. Pancakes! It should really be its own food group. Pancakes are soooooo good! I prefer thicker more american style pancakes. So does my family, and lets be honest I do most of the cooking so that’s how its gonna be.

I have many, many pancake recipes Tried and tested over the years, with and without eggs, gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free… The list is endless. In my recipe books I have written no less than 15 different types and some being epic fails and others being awesome. Obsessed much? My ferals love pancakes and so this is a staple breakfast in our household, not to mention being Home educuated they actually get 3 breakfast’s most days it fills busy, active bellies!

Naturally you can replace anything for a non-Vegan alternative. These though go down a storm as they are slightly crunchy around the edge and stodgy pancake goodness on the inside!

theo making pancake

Remember quite often the first pancake doesn’t turn out well.

Pancake Recipe


  • 2 TBLS Metled vegan butter
  • 2 Tbls Melted coconut oil (I like extra virgin cold pressed)
  • 2 Tbls Organic Coconut palm sugar
  • 2 Cups of organic Self raising Flour (can use GF if needed) 
  • 1/4 cup of coconut flour
  • 3/4 Cup of Cashew or Oat Milk (you can use any)

bubbling pancake


  • Mix the dry ingredients together and blend together well getting rid of any lumps
  • Melt the butter and oil if you haven’t already done so. 
  • Add butter, oil, and milk to the dry mixture and whisk till smooth (if uing gluten free flour I find it thicken the longer it sits, this can be fixed by just adding milk) 
  • Heat a small dollop of Coconut oil in a pan, let it melt and get hot. 
  • Add a ladle of batter (we like smaller pancakes about the size of a side plate) 
  • Wait for lots of bubbles to occur, don’t rush this process let the bubbles pop up till there are quite a few in the middle use a spatula to flip it over.
  • Cook for a few minutes on the other side
  • Voila that is it.

These pancakes are Vegan and tasty. I find people have a fairly specific taste when it comes to P-cakes…… Remind me never to call the P-cakes again! But these have past the test. We like blueberries, or banana’s and chocolate, lemon and sugar or Butter and syrup.

pancake theo

Nutritionally these are fairly empty calories unless you want to count the fortified calcium and B12 in the milk we use. I don’t think it counts though. Its a super easy recipe my 5 year old feral can actual make these on his own. So just enjoy pancake day for what it is. EATING SHIT LOADS OF PANCAKES!


Whats Your favorite pancake topping?

Did you get a perfect first pancake?

Let me know!





3 thoughts on “Vegan Pancakes, vegan,vegan pancakes.

  1. To your question what’s my favourite topping, for me it’s mix fruit jam. Also this year my first pancake was far better than it has ever been 😋
    Thanks for the recipes, will give them a go another day.

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