About Us

Hello,Β Kayleigh & Mike here!


About 3 years ago we made the decision to Home educate our kids, the sole purpose being to follow our passion and belief in letting kids be, well, KIDS!!

Woah! Did we know what we were letting ourselves in for?

Erm, not quite…. It can be tough, full on, demanding, but ask the ferals, would they change it, trade their hands on practical and fun experiences? Definitely not!

The route that we have taken has opened our eyes to a lot, to non conformity, to pushing boundaries, to question what it is we want from life, what do we want our ferals to gain from life. It certainly isn’t to stress out in school with the pressures kids are under, it certainly isn’t to be exasperated with learning by the time they hit high school, it most certainly isn’t to think that you have to follow the crowd.

All our boys are different. They have different personalities, they have different ways of learning. As parents we know it’s our job to harness these abilities that they enjoy, build them up as much as possible for them to take the hits life will dish out and still come out on top. Whilst giving our ferals these opportunities to learn and grow fully, their whole selves, we realized that WE needed to also.

We have had many trials, the most devastating ones leaving us stronger than before but also questioning what WE as a family and as individuals want from life.

We made the decision to Travel the world and learn together from our new experiences. Screw that conveyor belt, jump off and run!! This decision took a while, we were fed up, bored, drowning in a sea of ‘must haves’ quickly figuring out that this isn’t the life we want.

We have sold everything, quit jobs (well Mike has) to spend time learning what we want, who we are, and building the strongest bonds we can with each other. This has already been a cathartic process, making our dreams come true.

This will be our thoughts, adventures, tips, ups and downs on all things family, travelling and Home Ed.

We hope you enjoy.



10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. What an amazing adventure πŸ˜ƒ
    I’m looking forward to hearing all about it
    (Btw, I’m not some random weirdo who stumbled across your page – I know Tracy through work)
    Have fun x


  2. What a fabulous idea. It’ll be an amazing experience. If you happen to go to Malaysia and need any contacts or help there, let me know, as my hubby’s family is there. Have fun. X


  3. So excited to follow your journey, thanks for creating this blog! Safe travels Family L and looking forward to your next instalment!


  4. I’m so looking forward to joining you on your journey from the comfort of my sofa. So happy for you all. What a wonderful adventure. Wishing you all unity and strength in adversity and harmony throughout. xx


  5. Loving this blogg already Kayleigh and Mike! Looking forward to following your adventures on it! πŸ˜€ xxx


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