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Puff the magic pizza (my ferals chose this name)

Exploring different recipes that my kids are actually going to enjoy is interesting. I mean feral1 eats anything, he will definitely try something and eat it because he knows veggies are good for you and he likes his solid three meals very littler snacks.. Feral 2 has a picky, graze through the day appetite, maybe [...]

Vegan Pancakes, vegan,vegan pancakes.

Shrove Tuesday. Tomorrow is PANCAKE DAY! Lets have a freshen up on what Shrove Tuesday is all about. Firstly its a day of feasting, feasting before Ash Wednesday when the first day of fasting occurs associated with the day preceding Lent becauseit was a way to use up rich food stuffs such as eggs, milk, [...]

Vegan. Balls! Vegaballs? Meatless balls?!

So I have made a few recipes myself in regards to the Plant based eats. I have always and forever enjoyed cooking, making up recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. I do have to practice taking 'nice photos' of the foods but I do feed 3 ferals a thousand times a day and sometimes when [...]

 Earlier than expected.

So I have something to tell you guys (which those close know) that we have made a decision to come home from our 4 month journey through several countries. This wasn't taken lightly. We actually had flights booked for Australia but, you see, the kids were all rather homesick. Not just a little homesick it [...]

In the depths of Southern Africa …

  Visiting South Africa was a time we had been really looking forward to, experiencing this beautiful country, learning about its history and most importantly seeing our children meet their Great Grandparents for the first time (technically feral1 had met Gt Grandad under very harrowing times once as a week old). This was a huge [...]

Norway + Holland. 

Here we are again folks!  It's been a while, again lack of WIFI (mike booked these accommodations) haha, I haven't been able to update you all on the next lot of shenanigans. Norway! The first thing that struck us was as soon as you leave the airport it's green. Like, full on rolling hills, forests [...]