Brownies, Brownies everyone loves a Brownie!

Especially ones made with BANANAS! These are a fave of ours, we make them all the time. we made them new years eve and took them to the cinema, gave them as a get well gift to a granma, a wednesday night... whatever. These babies are good! This recipe we found online and have changed [...]

Puff the magic pizza (my ferals chose this name)

Exploring different recipes that my kids are actually going to enjoy is interesting. I mean feral1 eats anything, he will definitely try something and eat it because he knows veggies are good for you and he likes his solid three meals very littler snacks.. Feral 2 has a picky, graze through the day appetite, maybe [...]

Vegan Pancakes, vegan,vegan pancakes.

Shrove Tuesday. Tomorrow is PANCAKE DAY! Lets have a freshen up on what Shrove Tuesday is all about. Firstly its a day of feasting, feasting before Ash Wednesday when the first day of fasting occurs associated with the day preceding Lent becauseit was a way to use up rich food stuffs such as eggs, milk, [...]

Vegan. Balls! Vegaballs? Meatless balls?!

So I have made a few recipes myself in regards to the Plant based eats. I have always and forever enjoyed cooking, making up recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. I do have to practice taking 'nice photos' of the foods but I do feed 3 ferals a thousand times a day and sometimes when [...]