Freedom of the Ferals

Life of a young traveler!

Hello! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, It’s finally here,(drum roll please.) drrrrrrrrrrrrr part 2 of my blog!! But this time, I’ve thought of something new, I’ve thought of something freshhhh, and do you know what it is? Doing this whole blog about the 30 comment’s on my blog! huh? yeah? nah! just kidding! It’s about my life of traveling! Anyway, on with the blog! If that’s okay with you & you & you & you & you?

The last visit at Seattle before we set off for Canada we went to a place called Pike Place Market and boy was it buuuuusy!  There was a lot of seafood market’s and it stunk!

On to Canada… In Port Alice, we went to Telegraph Cove to go whale watching!! We saw humpback’s, Orca’s (killer whale’s), Seals, Steller Sealion’s, Dolphin’s, Jellyfish,we even saw a baby Deer on the bank of a small island!!!

Rory & Dad Whale Watch

We went to a fairy tale park called Enchanted Forest. It was amazing! We went on a boat ride down a lake and it was beautiful!


At Salmon Arm we lived at another farm with 2 dog’s. Out in the garden I freaked out about the wasp’s but then it happened, the return of the wasp. OOOOOOOW!!!! I was done in again and stung for a second time!!!

We stayed at another farm at Harrogate with 3 cat’s their house was lovely. We went to radium hot spring’s, and it was nice and warm!

Now we are in Calgary and the best part is that………….NO MORE LONG ROAD TRIP’S!!! Oh and an awesome play room!!! Okay so this was a short one, but! Part 3 is going to be L O N G! see ya!

Play Room Calgary





Advernture’s of the Ferals; Part one!  

Hi! my name is Rory.

I live with my brother’s Toby & Theo. First we’ll be heading to San Juan  Capistrano in America. We’ll be staying at my cousin Steve’s house (he’s a 3 time’s world jujitsu champion!!!) he’s also vegan. So we had to be vegetarian too!. After that, we went to Maui island, and a whole bunch of other places like Arizona, The Grand  canyon, Zion/Ordervile, Las Vegas, Mammoth Lake’s, Modesto, San Fran, Coffee Creek, Cottage Grove, Aberdeen, & Seattle!

seattle skyline

My favorite place is Cottage Grove, because we milked the cows & we helped with the animals & we found out that a rabbit is going to have 7 babies (geeeeze!!!) I absolutely loved Cottage Grove. At the Grand Canyon we went to see well…The Grand Canyon!           At Mammoth we went on a 10 mile bike ride!!!!!(I was exhausted) We even went to the top of the space needle in Seattle (It is 605 feet tall!!!) At San Fran we went to a science museum (mind-blowing!) we even went on an open top bus tour over the golden gate bridge!(it was top notch,get it?).

family space needle

So,traveling has been…has been…It’s been so awesome I don’t even know how to describe it!!! We’ve hiked, cycled, driven (with hurl’s galore). In tunnel’s, on the highway, through the desert, on curvy, windy road’s, up hilly mountains (with amazing views!) we’ve gone a long way from england, but one thing we do know that our traveling are far from over.

By Rory – Feral 1

22 thoughts on “Freedom of the Ferals

  1. Hi Rory …it sounds amazing and brilliant ..and you are really only at the beginining of your adventures !!!🐄🌎. I am jealous !! I like a lot of your friends have been waiting , with baited breath ,to be able to read the next instalment of your blog and to be able to see all the places you have visited ,and the fun you are having ….keep it up …live you all Grandad xxx🇺🇸🤓

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  2. Oh Rory what an amazing blog.. it was like listening to you talking.. Tim and I loved your Top Notch joke.. hahaha we laughed .. sounds like every place you visit has a fun thing to do and a memory that will last forever… keep enjoying the experiences .. we miss you but are looking after Raph.. Gen and Cocoa.. who are all brilliant.. love you so much looking forward to seeing you in September xxxx

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  3. Your blog was amazing Rory! I enjoyed it so much so thank you for sharing your thoughts on your experiences and adventures so far! I’m plotting your travels on a huge map on the wall in your bedroom and it’s staggering how far you’ve already travelled! Mind blowing actually! And you’ve so much more to look forward to! Write more blogs! IF you can squeeze it in!! Love you and the rest of the Leese gang loads! Have fun! Xxxxx

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  4. Hi Rory. What a great blog you have written. You’ve been so busy and visited so many fantastic places! Still lots more adventures to go though 😀. I’m looking forward to seeing you and mum and dad and Toby and Theo when you head to Australia in a few months time. We will be in our new house then 😀! I will have to start thinking about some adventures we can do over here! Keep having fun and I will look forward to reading part 2! Hope theres not too much more hurling! 😨 xxx

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  5. Hey, Lil Dude!

    What an amazing blog post you’ve done, you and the boys are so awesome and cool!! I’m so glad you’re having a great time travelling, you’ve all done so much already and this travel is only the beginning 😀

    Stay safe buddy and I love you lots!

    Aunty Ivy xxx

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  6. Hi Rory

    Your writing is amazing the content is incredible…. I loved reading this…. adventures I am living through you with these exotic places .. blown away by your writing xxxx

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  7. Hi Rory, Aunty Danni here! I absolutely loved reading your first blog and I can’t wait for the next instalment! I am so pleased you are having an amazing time, having lots of wonderful experiences and making memories with your family. Keep up the great work on the blog and most importantly, continue to enjoy your adventures. Lots of love xxx

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  8. Well done Rory what a wonderful writer you are 😊 Im reading your blog all the way from Australia and Im feeling rather jealous of your adventure…you’ve been more places than me! Enjoy the next part of your trip I look forward to reading all about it in your next blog 🌏

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  9. Good to hear you are having an amazing time travelling with your family Rory!! Really enjoyed reading about your experiences!!


  10. Rory, you are amazing, I’m so looking forward to your next blog. Hope you and your brothers are having a great time. Looking forward to seeing you in September. Have fun in Canada. Xxx


  11. Wow Rory that was a really funny and interesting read. I’m glad that you are having fun and learning about the world and we can’t wait to see you and your family when you get here. I worried that it might be a bit boring here judging by what you have been doing so far.
    Please keep blogging
    Gt uncle Tel


  12. Hahaha Rory truly you should consider being an author.. writer..reporter.. very witty .. punchy and funny… Holland is creeping nearer and I am super excited … can’t wait to catch up with you all..great blog .. you have a natural gift for writing darling. Love Grandma xxxx


  13. Hi Rory another beautifully written blog ,very funny too ,lovely that you saw so many sea mammals was it scary seeing those killer whales ? …lots of love Grammie xxxx


  14. Another amazing blog, thank you Rory, I used to get stung when I was your age. Wasps now leave me alone.
    Look I g forward to seeing you in Amsterdam
    Timbo x


  15. Hi Rory!

    Brilliant second blog post – it’s great to hear you are enjoying yourself. The wasp sting doesn’t sound good, but I’m glad you met some nice dogs and cats at the places you’re staying at. All the animals back home will be so excited to see you! Especially Big Chris – haha just kidding – he’s mostly human, not an animal. But he still might lick you.

    Great pictures, too! Looking forward to your next installment!


  16. Was so nice to read your entire blog of you and your family’s great trip. We greatly enjoyed having you and your family stay at our Castle View Cottage in Castledale B.C. Canada this summer. Your blog is very well written. Enjoy your school year and I will be reading your future posts. The Busch Family.

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